ShenZhen EKI Lighting Industrial Co.,Ltd.
At a glance

At a glance

ShenZhen EKI Lighting Industrial Co.,Ltd. Is the OEM Designing Aluminum Die-Casting LED Light housing Factory, With A Mission Make LED Products More Innovative, High Heat Dissipation, Long-Life Time,Easy To Install And Low Cost For Customer Everywhere Along Our Global Markets.
Founded in 1996 in ShenZhen, China., Our Initial Startup Business Focused On Aluminum Die-Casting Small Parts&Dirver Box Only Sale To Internal LED Light Factory. Now Expand To OEM Custom Aluminum Die Casting Solutions, With 250T 330T 400T 500T 630T 800T 900T 1100T 1600T Die Casting Machine ,CNC Machine, Special In LED Street Light Housing, LED Flood Light Housing, Aluminum Highbay Heatsink, LED Downlight Empty Casing, Etc.
We Offer End-To-End Supply Chain Solution From Product Design And Development,Raw Material Sourcing,Production Management And Quality Control
Our Business is Built Upon Our Client, Our Time-Honored Values, Financial Financial Strength, Our Culture of Innovation, Our Approach to Sustainability And The Social Impact We Make Through The EKI.

our values

Our values form the basis for our culture, business strategies and brand.
They bring us together and guide what we do.

1.—Client First
Our aim is to make our client more successful in what they do. We decide act first strong backing and 100% support you to extend your market share , make your client satisfied in item quality, delivery, design ,tech etc. We seek and listen carefully to all client’s feedback.
2.—we are humble & integrity
We sale trust, we keep compromise on integrity and honesty, and maintain the highest ethical standards in everything we do.
We measure ,analysis ourself everyday and do not hide any fails,We do not look at the past or for excuses, we look ahead and find solutions.
3.—Shrewd Innovators
We embrace change, By focusing on new technologies and benchmarking to design & develop new model according to different market needs,
Help you always find efficient solution to maintain your high standards meet your local market & consumers.
4.—Courage like a Family
Trust and integrity are the cornerstones of our long-lasting relationships and essential foster loyalty teamwork.
We care about our people, customer, vendors and creating a sustainable future together .

our values
our client

our client

1. Spain led manufacture ;
2. Portugal electronic manufacture ;
3. Italy market led company ;
4 . Thailand local led project company; etc.

our global market

We operate one of the most extensive global supply chain networks in the world.
Leveraging our extensive model designer, depth of experience, market knowledge, and technology, we help brands and led complete light factory quickly respond to evolving consumer and production trends.

our global market
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