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What to pay attention to when installing led street light sources

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what should attention when you assembly led street light chips and driver : 1. Be sure to distinguish the identification when installing the LED street light source,The light source for led street lights generally adopts DC 12V or 24V voltage,Distinguish between voltage and power when installing,Use a well-matched light source. 2.The installation and wiring of

What Is The Installation Process Of Led Street Light

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What Is The Installation Process Of Led Street Light ? Led street lamps have the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and long service life. Therefore, led street lamps are mainly used in residential buildings, parks, campuses, gardens, villas, botanical gardens and other places. Although led street lights are everywhere, few people know about its

LED Flood Light Advantage

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LED Flood Light Advantage ? The floodlights are colorful, with good monochromaticity, soft light, low power, long life and up to 50,000 hours of illumination. Moreover, the LED floodlight lamp body is small, easy to hide or install, is not easy to be damaged, has no heat radiation, and is beneficial to protect the object

LED street light housing inspection standard

Currently many country supports and courage their country’s manufacturing Job, so mostly led street light start purchase die casting led street light housing , led floodlight housing ,led high bay light housing, led streetlight empty housing ,main body , led street light parts, But when you purchase led street light housing what should be attention

How to Choose LED StreetLight Lens

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How to Choose LED StreetLight Lens, LED Street light ,led city road lighting very widely use in our daily life and working , From that high lumen die casting led street lights, do you know how to choose led street light lens ? 1.Spot Selection of Street Light Lens, LED Street Light lens The spot

What Determining LED Street Light Efficiency

What regular lighting efficiency of led street light ? At present, the LED has been standardized, the light efficiency of the whole lamp depends on the three major pieces, 1.Light source chip, The current use of imported chips such as: Osram, Philips, Samsung, more cree, packaging shape is also different, imitation lumen, SMD, the current

LED Street Light PCB

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What are LED Street Light PCB , Aluminum substrate for LED street lights is a kind of cooling aluminum material which is used in city street lamp, solar street lamp, tunnel street light, LED street light PCB  be divided into ordinary heat conduction and high heat conduction type. Characteristics Small product volume, low hardware and