Why Choose LED Light Housing For Instead Of Bulbs?

LED Light Housing, 120w High Bay LED

Did you know that light bulbs work the same way? Light bulbs emit blue light waves, which cause the production of serotonin, a chemical that promotes alertness, focus, and concentration. By using bulbs that don’t emit blue light waves, our brain produces melatonin, resulting in a relaxed, drowsy state that allows us to sleep better.

Bulbs with a lower temperature produce warm white light, similar to that produced by a fire, while bulbs with a medium temperature create neutral white light, and bulbs with a high temperature produce cool white light.

The brightness of a light bulb is not measured in Watts, but in Lumens. Watts are the units of energy consumption, while Lumens are the units of brightness.

In our bedrooms, we usually aim for an atmosphere that is relaxed, calm, and peaceful. By limiting the amount of blue light entering the room, you can keep your circadian rhythm from confusing artificial light with natural light. Your brain can then produce the melatonin necessary for a comfortable night’s sleep.

If you read at night, you are better off with soft blue or neutral shades if you have a bedside reading lamp, which creates a high contrast between the page and its light.

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