LED street light housing inspection standard

Currently many country supports and courage their country’s manufacturing Job, so mostly led street light start purchase die casting led street light housing , led floodlight housing ,led high bay light housing, led streetlight empty housing ,main body , led street light parts,

But when you purchase led street light housing what should be attention and inspect ?

1.There should be no scratches on the surface of the LED street lamp housing, and there should
be no sharp corners and burrs that endanger the production, transportation, installation and use ofthe lamp inside and outside.

2.The surface color of the sprayed parts should be uniform, the coating film should be smooth, and the thickness should be uniform, without sagging, accumulation, bottoming, wrinkles and other defects that affect the appearance,

The welding part should be flat and firm, without welding penetration, false welding, spattering, etc.


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