What Are The Classifications Of Solar Street Lights

led street light

There are many classification methods for solar street lamps: specification classification, parameter classification, system classification and battery type classification. According to the standard classification of solar street light height, it is divided into: 6 meters solar street light, 7 meters solar street light, 8 meters solar street light, 10 meters solar street light, 12 meters solar street light and so on.

The parameters are classified according to the size of the light source and the capacity of the battery: 30W LED solar street light, 40W LED solar street light, 80W solar panel solar street light, 100AH battery solar street light, etc. Solar street light circuit system operating voltage, the system is divided into 12V system, 24V system, 36V system and 48V system. According to the classification of battery types, it can be divided into lead-acid battery solar street lamps and lithium battery solar street lamps.

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