What advantages of LED high bay lamp?

led high bay light housing

What are the advantages of LED mine lamp?

The industrial and mining lamp is a kind of high energy efficiency indoor & outdoor LED light, according to the light source can be divided into the traditional light source led highbay light and LED High bay light.

  1. LED high bay light lamp RA>80 high
  2. High light efficiency, energy saving effect is good, can replace the traditional 250 W LED industrial and LED lamp with 100 W of industrial and mining light.
  3. Conventional light source has the disadvantage of high temperature of lamps and lanterns. When used, the temperature of lamps and lanterns is 200-300 degrees, while mine lamp itself is a cold light source, the temperature of lamps and lanterns is low, it belongs to cold drive, and it is safer to use.
  4. The radiator design is more reasonable and greatly reduces the weight of industrial and mining lamps.


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