led the street light components

led street light

what are all led street light components include ?

1.Die casting streetlight empty housing , aluminum main body, 

With the development of LED street lamp, most of them are high power 1 w lamp beads, so the street lamp shell should be updated
Adopt adc12 pure die casting aluminum, die casting molding, good heat dissipation function,
Can make bigger wattage LED street lamp。

2.LED street light chips

led second major component of the street lamp is the chip,
There are many kinds and choices of lamp beads on the market
Now the lamp bead technology is also very mature, the luminous flux is very high, according to the 10% light efficiency increase 15% price drop every year,
LED street lamp chip size is more than 45 mil,
This size chip is very good through the current, reducing the impact of strong current.

3. LED street light driver power supplier,

LED street lights,
LED street lamp power requirements are high, if the quality is too poor will easily burn out lamps,
So choose good quality Mingwei Power, Philips Power, etc


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