Advantages of LED street lights compared to traditional lamps

Compared with the current ordinary high-pressure sodium street lights, the advantages of LED street lights are as follows :

1. Energy saving: At present, the luminous efficiency of white light LED is about 80lm/W, which can save 50%~60% of electricity compared with traditional high pressure sodium lamps. With the rapid improvement of LED efficiency, semiconductor street lamps have shown great potential in energy saving.

2. Low maintenance cost: According to the current technical level and test results, the high-power LED light source can be used normally for 10 years without replacement, while the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp needs to be replaced every one and a half years on average. The use of semiconductor light sources can greatly reduce maintenance costs.

3. Good color rendering: LED has a high color rendering index (75~80), people’s reaction speed is fast, the road looks brighter, feels more comfortable, and the driver feels safer. The high-pressure sodium lamp has a narrow spectrum, poor color rendering (20-40), and it feels dim.

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