LED street light pole technical

LED street light pole technical specification ?
1.Height of pole
3 -15 meters, the main rod is generally a cone rod or a large & small rod. The shaft is formed by a large bending machine at a time, with a wall thickness of 2.5-6mm. The specific appearance and size are customized according to user’s requirements.

The street light pole is made of high-quality low-silicon carbon steel Q235A steel (including Si≤0.04%, yield strength>245Mpa); the material meets the executive standard: GB699-88
3.Welding process
The entire street light pole body should have no cracks, missing welding, continuous pores, undercuts, etc., and the welding seam should be smooth and flat, without bumps and undulations, and without any welding defects. A welding flaw detection report must be provided. The welding standard is based on GB/T3323-1989III. The safety standard complies with the national standard GB7000.1-7000.5-1996

4.Hot dip galvanizing process
The internal and external surface anticorrosion treatment of hot acid immersion should be adopted. The thickness ≥75um meets the standard of GB-/T13912-92. The design service life should be no less than 30 years. The galvanized surface should be smooth and beautiful, and the color should be basicalythe same. After the hammer test, it will not peel or peel off. Provide galvanized test report.
5. Spraying process
The spray should be made of outdoor pure polyester powder, the color is white, the quality of the plastic layer is stable, and it will not fade or fall off. Strong adhesion, resistance to strong solarultraviolet rays, anti-ultraviolet rays, so that it should be along the lake city and key saline areas. The design service life ratio is less than 30 years, the thickness is ≥80um, and it meets the ASTMD3359-83 standard. Provide spray test report. Plastic spray protection requirements: the film thickness is not less than 40um, the adhesion is strong, and the blade scratches (15*6mm square) will not peel or fall off. The surface is flat and smooth, and the color is basically the same
6. Verticality test
After the pole is upright, use theodolite to check the verticality between the pole and the horizontal, and the verticality should be less than or equal to two thousandths.
7.Rod look
The shape and size meet the requirements, the overall appearance is generous, the surface of the rod body is smooth and consistent, and the color is uniform. The galvanized layer is smooth and flat, and the sprayed layer has strong adhesion without peeling off.

8. Light pole accessories

All fixing bolts and nuts are made of stainless steel (except for anchor bolts and nuts).

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