Advantages of LED tunnel lights

what are the Advantages of LED tunnel lights ?

LED tunnel lamp is a kind of tunnel lamp, it is used in tunnel, workshop, large warehouse, stadiums, metallurgy and all kinds of factory area, engineering construction and other places large area floodlighting,

1. Light decay: if the heat dissipation conditions are good, the first 10000 h of the LED is positive light decay, the first 10000 h is 3%-10%, the first 50000 h is basically 30%, far lower than the ordinary road lighting source, the luminescence is more stable.

2.High color rendering: general LED color rendering about 7 0~8 0. Higher if used with trisky phosphor; generally 2% for high-pressure sodium lamps The low-pressure sodium lamp is lower ~035, so even if the brightness of the traditional light source is higher than LED, but the visual effect is worse than LED,” is not the brightest, but the most clear “this should be a direction of the application and development of LED light source.

3. Long Lifetime: LED life is higher than the average road tunnel lighting source, now generally higher than 50000 H.

Besides, LED also has the advantages of high maintenance coefficient, good safety performance, no stroboscopic, energy saving and environmental protection.

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