Features of LED street lights and LED advantages

led streetlight

What are the characteristics of LED street lights ?

1.100w LED street light has the characteristics of low voltage, low current, high brightness.
2.LED street lights are a new type of green environmental protection light source. The cold light source used by LED has small glare, no radiation, and no harmful substances will be emitted during use.
3.LED outdoor street lights have long life.
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4.LED outdoor street lights are highly safe. LED light source is driven by low voltage, stable light emission, no pollution.

What are the advantages of LED street lights ?

1.The light emitted by the well-designed LED street lamp is clear, controllable and beautiful.
2.LED outdoor street lamps have lower maintenance costs and lower energy consumption.
3.Decorative LED street lighting, lighting manufacturers can provide a wider range of decorative lighting options.

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