Shenzhen EKI Lighting Industrial Offer a One Quality LED Lights

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Shenzhen EKI Lighting Industrial Co., Ltd. Is the producer of aluminum Die-Casting LED light Housing With the diverse of our personal advanced layout and technology. We founded in 2002’s starting from die-casting manufacturing facility in Zhe-Jiang, China. That specializes in Aluminum Die-casting Small elements & driving force containers. Via the time, we evolved the global market by way of making our very own unique design LED mild Housing and welcome our consumer to make their very own OEM design the use of our factory functionality too.

We are widely known in lighting fixtures business by the phrase of mouth about the quality, responsibility, offerings and support which is subsequently turn out to be our corporation core fee that pressure our business till these days. We are very thrilled that we could be in the back of your business fulfilment. We additionally purpose to growth and functionality for LED lighting fixtures and Outdoor led street light manufacturing to fulfil the future era and international tendencies. We devoted to deliver the best succession to our customer. Dedicated yourself to be a reliable distant places supplier which assist client to extend their business and growth market share. We degree, analysis yourself every day and do not conceal any fails. We offer exclusive collection of 100w Led Street light.

We ensure the best attention on Led street light fixture while maximizing productivity and efficiency while putting in our merchandise. To offer amazing client satisfaction, we make sure that we one hundred% guide you to increase your market share, make your client happy in item great, delivery, layout, tech and many others. Take a look at our first-rate client remarks and please do now not hesitate to touch us if you require in addition records. We measure, analysis yourself every day and do no longer disguise any fails, we do no longer examine the past or for excuses, we appearance beforehand and locate answers.

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