What Is The Installation Process Of Led Street Light

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What Is The Installation Process Of Led Street Light ?

Led street lamps have the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and long service life. Therefore, led street lamps are mainly used in residential buildings, parks, campuses, gardens, villas, botanical gardens and other places. Although led street lights are everywhere, few people know about its installation process. Today Shenzhen EKI Lighting industrial will share with you how the installation process of led street lights is.

The first step consolidation: When installing LED street lights, pay attention to the connection between the street light and the ground, because the street lights are the infrastructure on both sides of the road. For a long time, the stability of the line will not only affect whether the solar street light can normally emit light, but its stability will also affect the stability of the street light system.

Step 2 Receiving: As one of the most prominent advantages of led street lights, we cannot ignore its ability to absorb radiation and heat independently. When installing an LED street light system, the installer needs to pay attention to the solar energy of this street light. Whether the circuit board can fully accept natural radiation will not only affect the aesthetics of the street lamp, but also bring different degrees of illumination to the illumination intensity.

In short, only the correct installation of led street lights, as well as mastering the installation skills of led street lights, in order to ensure the safe and normal use of led street lights.

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