LED High Mast Lights

led outdoor high pole lights

LED high pole light

LED high pole light is a kind of lighting used in highways, roads and other places. Beautiful appearance and strong decoration. The lighting area is large, the lighting effect is good, the light source is concentrated, the illumination is uniform, the glare is small, and it is easy to control and maintain. The electric lifting operation is convenient. After the lamp panel is raised to the working position, the lamp panel can be automatically taken off, hooked and unloaded by the steel wire rope. Lighting control is divided into manual control, light control, time control and microcomputer control.

Material Description

The light pole is made of high-quality Q235 steel plate, which is molded into a pyramidal plug-in rigid pole, and is treated with hot-dip galvanizing and anti-corrosion.

The frame of the lamp panel is made of high-quality steel and processed by hot-dip galvanizing.


High-pole lights are suitable for outdoor lighting projects such as municipal engineering, highways, overpasses, parking lots, stadiums, freight yards, ports, airports and public leisure squares.

Installation Notes

Electrical installation: high-pressure sodium lamp or metal halide lamp treated ballast and trigger are installed in the lamp panel. When replacing or repairing the light source and other electrical appliances, use a special wrench to open the electrical appliance door. The control box is arranged at the lower part of the light pole or inside the light pole. Special note: The basis is produced by the drawings provided by the factory separately. The lamp body must be safely grounded during installation.