Features Of LED Street Light

150w Led Street lighting

Features of LED street lights

Through research and comparison, we can see that LED lamps have the following advantages over high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps: saving money and energy, low overall cost of use, long use time, low surface temperature, safe and stable, and environmentally friendly lighting. The LED light does not flicker when in use, which can protect the eyes well, start quickly, and does not require a ballast to start.

1. LED has the following advantages when used as a street lamp: 1. The lighting efficiency is high, and the loss of the reflected light from the lamp is low, which can save 70% of the energy.

2. Intelligent control, digital control and brightness adjustment save power.

3. No need for high pressure and good safety.

4. The brightness of the light can be remotely controlled through the empty box of the software, and it can provide high-brightness lighting in special climates.

5. The installation is very simple, it is composed of multiple modules, does not need more accessories, and the maintenance is simple.

6. No waste or light pollution.

7. Long life, which means that there is no need to frequently replace bulbs and circuits, which reduces maintenance costs and reduces maintenance costs.

8. Except that the price at the beginning of the purchase is higher than the high-temperature sodium lamp, it has better performance than the sodium lamp in other aspects and saves energy. Overall, it is several times better than the high-temperature sodium lamp.