Application of LED Street Light

led street light

where should application of led street lights

1.LED street lamp main application, main road, secondary trunk road, branch road, factory, school, garden, city square, courtyard and other road lighting;

The Advantages of LED Street Light

1. its own characteristics-one-way light, no light diffuse, to ensure the efficiency of light

2.LED street lamp has a unique secondary optical design, which irradiates the light of the LED street lamp to the area of the required lighting, and further improves the illumination efficiency to achieve the purpose of energy saving;

3.LED has reached 110-130 lm/W, and there is still a lot of room for development, and the luminous efficiency of high pressure sodium lamp increases with the increase of power. Therefore, the overall light efficiency LED street lamp is stronger than high pressure sodium lamp ;(this overall light efficiency is theoretical, in fact, more than 250 W high pressure sodium lamp light efficiency is higher than LED lamp);

The light color rendering performance of

4.LED street lamp is much higher than that of high pressure sodium lamp, the color rendering index of high pressure sodium lamp is only about 23, but the color rendering index of LED street lamp is more than 75, which can be reduced by more than 20% more than 20% lower than that of a high pressure sodium lamp;

5. light decline is small, one year light decline less than 3, use 10 years still meet the road requirements, and high pressure sodium light decline, about a year has dropped more than 30%, therefore, LED street lamp in the use of power design can be lower than high pressure sodium lamp;

6.LED street lamp has automatic control and energy saving device, which can realize the maximum possible power reduction and energy saving under the condition of meeting the lighting requirements of different periods of time. It can realize computer dimming, time control, light control, temperature control, automatic inspection and other humanized functions;

7. long life: can use more than 50,000 hours, provide three years of quality assurance, the deficiency is that the life of the power supply can not be guaranteed;

8. high light efficiency: using more than 100 LM of ≥ chip, compared with the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp energy saving more than 75%;

9. installation is simple: no buried cable without rectifier, directly installed in the lamp pole or the light source nested in the original lamp shell;

10. Excellent heat dissipation control: summer temperature control below 45 degrees, and passive heat dissipation, summer heat dissipation protection is insufficient;

11. Reliable quality: high-quality components are used in the circuit power supply, each LED has a separate overcurrent protection, without fear of damage;

12. Uniform light color: no lens, no increase in brightness at the expense of uniform light color, thus ensuring no aperture uniform light color;

13. The LED does not contain harmful metallic mercury and does not cause environmental harm when it is scrapped.

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