LED the Main Advantages of Street Light

led streetlight housing

What led streetlight advantages ?

LED street light refers to the street lamp made of LED lamps, which has the advantages of high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response speed and high color rendering index. It is of great significance to urban energy saving lighting.

1.LED small volume, light weight, epoxy resin packaging, not only can protect the internal chip, but also has the ability to gather light and light transmission, its service life is mostly between 50000-100000 hours.

2.LED street lamp has automatic control energy saving device, which can meet the requirements of lighting in different periods of time, and reduce the power to the maximum extent, so as to save electric energy. This feature can also be used to realize computer dimming, time control, light control, temperature control and so on.

3. LED street lights decline less than 3% a year, compared with high-pressure sodium lamps, high-pressure sodium lights decline more than 30% a year or so, therefore, LED street lights in the use of power design can be lower than high-pressure sodium lamps.

4.At present, the lowest response time of LED street lamp has reached 1 microsecond, most of which are usually several milliseconds, and the response time is about 1/100 of that of ordinary light source. Therefore, according to this characteristic, it can be applied to automobile brake lamp, which can effectively shorten the braking time of vehicle and improve travel safety.

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