Why LED?

led city road light

LED lighting is replacing the traditional lighting market, as well as for a variety of industrial fields.

The service life is prolonged, the energy consumption is reduced, and the maintenance cost is low. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that by 2030, LED lighting will save 190 terawatts (1.9 × 1011 kilowatt hours) a year, or $15 billion.

Most importantly, the purchase price of lamps and lamps is falling, allowing more and more equipment managers to consider upgrading the use of LED.

That’s why we specialize ONLY in LED street lighting

  Cost Effective

Compared with conventional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lighting, the power used by LEDs is reduced by about 40-70%, thus saving a lot of energy costs,

Low maintenance intergrated design, high efficiency, an industry leading warranty equal significant time and cost savings.

Long-life Time

The rated life of the LED on the L150 is 100000 hours, or at least 70 per cent of the initial light output, depending on the lamp and lamp. Because the LED system can reduce the cost of replacing light bulbs, thus reducing the overall maintenance costs.


A strategic focus on environmentally friendly LED technology and a commitment to helping all organizations, including our own, reach corporate sustainability goals.


Solutions designed for the world’s most demanding industrial environments. Fully integrated designs and extensive testing ensure that you can count on our solutions every minute of the day.


Fixtures deliberately designed with no field replacement parts for the lifespan of the fixture and easy retro-fit kits to make installation and maintenance turn-key.


Controlled lighting solutions that can seamlessly integrate with existing factory automation and building management systems to conveniently optimize work site safety and productivity




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