How to Choose LED StreetLight Lens

led street light

How to Choose LED StreetLight Lens,

LED Street light ,led city road lighting very widely use in our daily life and working ,

From that high lumen die casting led street lights, do you know how to choose led street light lens ?

1.Spot Selection of Street Light Lens,

LED Street Light lens The spot is divided into circular spot, oval spot and rectangular spot, the illumination requirement and range of circular spot are low, and the first shift is used for road lighting in residential area,Oval spot, strong ability to gather light, generally used in non-motor vehicles and motor vehicle roads,The rectangular spot has a strong ability to gather light, and the light after the light is evenly illuminated on the road,Generally used on motor vehicle roads.

2.Angle Specification for Street Light Lens

Different roads require different optical requirements,For example, in the highway, trunk roads, trunk roads, branch roads, courtyard areas and other local street lamp height to consider different angle specifications are also different.

3.Material of street lamp lens

Common street lamp lens materials are glass lens, silica gel penetration,Because of its high temperature resistance, silica gel is often used to encapsulate LED luminaries,

Glass has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high penetration and so on choose its own optical parameters,New materials PC lenses and PMMA lenses,Once applied, it shows a significant advantage in the market.

Factors to be taken into account in selecting street lamp lenses are lens specifications and materials used,Select the appropriate spot and angle specifications according to the location of use.

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