What Determining LED Street Light Efficiency

What regular lighting efficiency of led street light ?

At present, the LED has been standardized, the light efficiency of the whole lamp depends on the three major pieces,

1.Light source chip,

The current use of imported chips such as: Osram, Philips, Samsung, more cree, packaging shape is also different, imitation lumen, SMD, the current 3030 light efficiency is the highest.

2.Secondary lens,

The function of secondary lens is to change the angle and range of light irradiation, and the transmittance of lens will also affect the light efficiency. At present, lenses with transmittance greater than 85% are commonly used in the market.

3. LED street light Power supply,

Driving power conversion efficiency also determines the light efficiency of the whole lamp, the current market is basically above PF>0.95 power supply.

100W street lamp, configure and select Samsung 3030 lamp bead, about 123 lm/w, luminous flux 12300 LM.

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