How to install LED Street Light Correctly?

How to install LED Street Lighting Correctly?

The Tools and materials for installing street light,

  1. LED streetlight lamppost;
  2. LED Street light head;
  3. Power cord;

The Method for installing led street lights

  1. First select the location. Easy to install lampposts, preferably not in water and wet places. The purpose is to stabilize the lamppost. Use of underground power lines
  2. The selection of lampposts. The pole is convenient but the price is high. The wooden pole is not water resistant and does not last long. So the use of cement poles around the family is more affordable;
  3. The selection of LED street light head and lanterns. This is selected according to the need, to light on the choice of high power, general street lights to have good waterproof performance;
  4. Installation of wires for led street lighting, For beauty use underground wiring. Use 6 square 4 wires of good quality and wear them in waterproof nylon tubes. Switch with high power;

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