What is L80B20 certification

LED street light

What is L80B20 certification of led street light ,led outdoor sports light ?

L defines the lumen percentage compared to the initial lumen, The ratio between the luminous flux of the lamp and the initial luminous flux of the lamp is used for a period of time, L70 indicates that the luminous flux attenuates to 70% of the initial luminous flux, L80 to 80%, L90 to 90% of the original flux.

B values represent fault data at L data,

B10 said 10% of LED were unable to meet the requirements,

For example ,50000 h (L90/ B10), that is ,10% of the product luminous flux output to the initial value of less than 90% of the time used is 50000 hours.

Conversely, LED product has a reliability of less than 10% light decay after 50,000 hours of work


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