LED courtyard lamp advantage

led garden light

Advantages of LED Garden Lighting:

(1) Energy saving is characterized by low voltage, low current and high brightness.
The light from a 10~12 W LED courtyard light source is the same as that from 35 W 150 incandescent lamps. The same lighting effect, LED courtyard lamp than the traditional light source energy saving 80~90. LED the energy consumption of courtyard lamp is small, with the progress of technology, it will become a new type of energy-saving lighting source. The light efficiency of white light LED courtyard lamp has reached 251 mW, which exceeds the level of ordinary incandescent lamp. LED the courtyard light spectrum is narrow and monochromatic, almost all the light emitted can be used, and the color light is emitted directly without filtering.

(2) A new type of green light source

LED the courtyard lamp uses cold light source glare small no radiation, does not emit harmful substances in use.
LED courtyard lamp is more environmentally friendly, there is no ultraviolet and infrared ray in the spectrum, and the waste is recyclable, no mercury element and no pollution can be safely touched, which belongs to the typical green lighting source.

(3) long life
LED courtyard lamp uses solid-state semiconductor chip to convert electric energy into light energy, plus epoxy resin package, there is no loose part in the body, there are no shortcomings such as filament luminescence easy to burn heat deposition, light decay, can withstand high strength mechanical impact, can work normally in 30~50℃ environment. The life of LED courtyard lamp is 10×l04}1, the life of light source is more than 2×l04}1,l04}1 and the life of 12 h per day is more than 5 years, while that of ordinary incandescent lamp is about 1000 h, and that of metal halide lamp is not more than 10000.

(4) Reasonable structure of lamps and lanterns
LED courtyard lamp will be completely changed to the structure of the lamp, according to different professional requirements, LED the structure of the courtyard lamp under the condition of increasing the initial brightness, through the rare earth to improve the brightness again, through the optical lens, The luminous brightness is further improved. LED courtyard lamp is a solid light source encapsulated with epoxy resin. It has no easily damaged parts such as glass bubble filament in its structure. It is a kind of whole solid structure which can withstand vibration shock without being damaged

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