How to Choose the Right LED Street Light housing?

outdoor led street light housing

How to Choose the Right LED Street Light housing ?

Urban roads can be divided into expressway and trunk roads, secondary trunk roads, branch roads, residential roads, different roads to the road surface illumination, brightness, glare limit threshold, environmental ratio and other lighting requirements are different. So how to choose street lamps to meet the lighting needs of different roads.

1. Appearance
EKI LED Street light housing The surface of road lamps is sprayed with powder and baking paint to form a protective film of corrosion resistance, wearing a silvery white shell with a white light source module, thin body shape, beautiful and smooth appearance, simple and generous.

2. Security
LED street light empty housing ,led Road lamps, with IP66,ik09 protection grade, road lamps with multi-channel constant current drive power supply, single module, support hot plug-in.

3. Lighting
LED street housing, The street lamp adopts the high quality LED light source, the performance is reliable and stable, the overall light efficiency ≥150 Lm/w; completely optimized optical design, enhances the optical performance at the same time, ensures the light to be uniform and no miscellaneous light, the uniform road lighting.

4. Heat dissipation
Die casting led street light housing ,The heat dissipation ability is related to the stability of the lamp performance and the life of the lamp. The honeycomb heat dissipation and full structure heat dissipation technology are adopted, and the high efficiency heat dissipation performance is adopted.

5. Specifications
LED streetlight casing with variety of specification size, with 100 W、150W、200W、250W of power to meet the different needs of customers. The color temperature temperature of road lamps will create different lighting environment in 2700 K-5700K,. In lighting design, the appropriate color temperature selection can make the lighting environment more brilliant.

6. Installation and Application

LED Street light is Widely used in urban main roads, highway roads, trunk roads, branch roads and other road lighting, multi-scene applications.

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