LED High Mast Light

led outdoor high pole lights

what advantages of LED High Mast Lighting ?

LED pole lamp light:
LED high pole lamp is used for road, road and other places a kind of lighting. Beautiful shape, with a strong decorative. The lighting area is large, the lighting effect is good, the light source is concentrated, the illumination is uniform, the glare is small, easy to control and maintain. The electric lifting operation is convenient, after the lamp plate rises to the working position, can take off the lamp plate automatically, the hook, the wire rope unloads. Lighting control is divided into manual control, light control, time control and microcomputer control.

1. Good color rendering, bright enough. The LED light source outputs white light, the color temperature is moderate, is 5000 K~6000 K, compared with the high pressure sodium lamp, the light color is more natural, the color rendering performance is also much better than the high pressure sodium lamp, the high pressure sodium lamp color index is only about 20, and the white light LED can reach 65~80. LED high color rendering is undoubtedly helpful for drivers and pedestrians to identify targets and provide better traffic conditions under the same road brightness.

2.The direction of the light source is good. Unlike the traditional light source, the LED is directional luminous, and the LED light source is composed of many LED. By designing the projection direction of each LED, the illuminated road surface can obtain uniform illumination, and the utilization rate of light is much higher than that of the traditional light source.

4. Environmental protection and energy saving. High pressure sodium lamp is used in the original design of expressway tunnel in China, and then the LED, brightness is brighter than before, and the electricity consumption is less than before. Compared with the electricity before the transformation, more than 50% can be saved.

5. long service life. LED is a semiconductor with a lifetime of 50000 hours when the luminous flux attenuates to 80% with good heat dissipation. The life of metal halide lamp is about 12000 hours, and that of high pressure sodium lamp is about 20000 hours. One of the important publicity points of LED high-rod lighting is maintenance-free within 10 years, which shows the long life of LED lighting. LED long life can effectively reduce the maintenance of lamps and reduce operating costs


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