Composition of UFO Highbay Lights

led high bay light housing

What advantages of LED UFO Highbay Light ?

Characteristics of UFO Mine highbay light.

1. uses many high power LED(3030) modules as the light source, which has the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, small light decay, pure light color, high index, no double shadow and so on.

2. the unique fin heat dissipation design, the lamp weight is lighter, the light source and the radiator perfect combination, effectively diffuses the heat conduction, thus reduces the lamp body temperature, effectively guarantees the light source and the power supply life;

3. green, no pollution, no lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no pollution to the environment;

4. color rendering is good, the presentation of physical color is more real. All kinds of light and color can meet the needs of different environments, eliminate the depressed emotion caused by the high or low color temperature of traditional lamps and lanterns, make the vision feel comfortable and improve the working efficiency of the workers;

5. adopts constant current and constant voltage control, and the applicable voltage width (AC90-305V) overcomes the power grid, noise pollution and light instability caused by ballast, and avoids the irritation and fatigue caused by the work to the eyes;

6. decoration effect is excellent, adopt special surface treatment technology, appearance can choose a variety of colors, simple installation, easy to disassemble, wide range of application.

UFO mine lamp use place:
School auditorium, hotel, workshop, gas station, indoor gymnasium, exhibition hall, train station waiting room, library, logistics warehouse, cold storage, etc

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