Four points when purchasing led street light

led streetlight

4 points should attention when you purchase led street lighting.

LED street light manufacturers are all over world, what  we need to pay attention when we buy these street lamps, and how do we choose street light with guaranteed quality, complete functions and reasonable prices

1. Pay attention to the allocation of virtual standard: we should first face up to the problem of LED street lamp manufacturers to configure virtual standard problem,Such as LED street Light real power 60 W, but marking is 80 W.

2. Pay attention to heat dissipation effect: LED the heat dissipation performance of lighting products is very important, if the heat dissipation is not good, it is easy to lead to high temperature in the lamp,This reduces the life of street lamps,So we can test when we buy, light the street lamp for a period of time to see if the heat dissipation effect is up to standard.

3. Pay attention to the quality of the chip: LED street lamp manufacturers introduced that the chip is the core of LED street light,The chip determines the performance of the street lamp, if the chip is not good, the quality of the product will not be better.

4. Pay attention to the distribution of street lights: street lights are also very important, which will also affect the LED of street lights irradiation area, illumination is uniform, whether there are yellow rings and other issues, So we must attention the distribution of led street light.

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