Maintenance of high pole light and street light

The Maintenance of LED high pole light and LED street light.

First of all, LED street light maintenance personnel should be qualified for the post certificate, for professionals,

light pole maintenance personnel should be led street light pole,light source, cable and other equipment for comprehensive and serious inspection.


1. replace damaged light source appliances, cables, etc., and check all fixed bolts for loose, firm, safe and reliable, positioning pins and automatic hooks are flexible and reliable, etc., corrosion should be replaced seriously.

2. the wire rope in the process of retractable, on the other hand hand, check the appearance of the wire rope, on the other hand, pay attention to whether the wire rope has overlapping, twisting, rusting, broken strands and serious and so on. Check that the sliding parts are flexible and reliable.

3.Control apparatus such as AC contactor, thermal relay, stroke switch, instruction controller and so on in the control circuit of 3. high pole lamp should be checked carefully before operation, and the electrical components found to be in trouble should be replaced as soon as possible. Operation with disease is strictly prohibited.

4.The grounding protection device and lightning protection device of 5. high rod lighting facilities must be checked routinely before the rainy season every year, and the grounding resistance should be tested. The grounding resistance value (which should be less than 10ω) should be dealt with in time.

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