2021 Hot sale led street light in the market

outdoor led street light housing

LED street light as an important lighting products, It’s quality and design are key point to every diffirent market and projects.

Example Europe market more like Street lamp design with beautiful lines, USA market like Square shape, sturdy street lamp design etc
What hot sale led street lighting 2021 ?

Shenzhen EKI LIGHTING Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a OEM/ODM LED Streetlight/ led street light housing manufacture in China, each year with our new design private module of led street light housing to Europe market.
tart From OEM Designing Aluminum Die-Casting Light housing Factory, For over 11 years Fighting , Our team at Lighting have been designing, developing and manufacturing a new generation of LED lighting solutions for numerous applications, indoors LED STREET LIGHTING, TUNNEL LIGHTING, HIGH BAY INDUSTRIAL LIGHTING,FLOOD LIGHTING ,DIE CASTING ALUMIUM HOUSING.

EK-LD12/ EK-LD13 EK-LD05A HOT Sale led street light with good design
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