The heat dissipation of the street lamp shell on the brightness of Chips.

Aluminum Die Casting Enclosure

As we know led streetlight Heat management is a major problem in high brightness LED applications.

What factory influence of led lighting brightness ?

1. Led Aluminum light housing heatsink dissipation,
When we choose a die casting led street light housing should more attention to the Raw aluminum die casting material, the ledlight empty housing size, led light housing weight,
LED streetlight heatsink design etc… And important are choose right big led light housing to the wattage , example 100w led street light should choose over 650mm lenght led light die casting housing .

2.PCB Heatshink dissipation , how to choose led street light PCB, LENS.
When we design and choose led street light pcb, led floodlight pcb, led highbay light pcb, should careful of the material and Circuit designed.

3. LED Chips and heat dissipation
To improve the brightness of power LED streetlight is to increase the input power, and in order to prevent active layer saturation must correspondingly increase the size of the p-n junction;Increasing the input power will inevitably raise the temperature of the junction The improvement of single-tube power depends on the device’s ability to export heat from the p-n junction. If the chip size is increased separately, the junction temperature will continue to rise under the condition that the existing chip material, structure, packaging technology, on-chip current density is kept unchanged and the same heat dissipation conditions are maintained.

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