Standards of LED Street Light IK09 IK10 Testing

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LED street light are widely used in our life and city street road building, but also need many standards requirement when produce the LED Streetlight , Special on testing of Waterproof, IK, etc..

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What the Standards of LED Street Light IK09 IK10 Testing ?

IEC62262: regulations on how to install the north side of the IK protection grade test, ventilation requirements, number and distribution of impact hammers corresponding to each grade.

The ik code in the IEC62262 protection class code indicates the protection class of the shell against harmful mechanical collisions outside,
Feature numbers are :01 to 10, IK01, IK02, IK03, IK04, IK05, IK06, IK07, IK08, K09 and IK10.

In these 10 grades, the test is divided into two groups according to the test level of different grades
The first group, the spring impact hammer test from IK01,IK02 to IK06, tested with less energy (from 0.14j to 1 j).

The other set of sledgehammer tests, from ik07,ik08 to ik10, had higher energy (from 2 j to 20 j).

Within the lighting industry, automotive lights, street lamps, lighting lights, explosion-proof lights and some special lamps need to do ik testing of the housing of lamps between ik07 and ik10, especially in IK07,IK08,IK09,IK10 these grades,
For the purpose of testing, the main purpose is to test whether the protective level of led lighting products housing meets industry and national requirements.


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