what is LED Street light Housing Holder

LED Street light Housing/ LED Street Lamp holder ,

LED street light shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, beautiful appearance, itself is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, Fully solve the problem of high power LED light heat dissipation.


Lamp body with high quality toughened glass, with good transmittance, dustproof, waterproof, full set of stainless steel accessories,


The LED lamp is installed on the heat conduction substrate, the heat generated by the LED lamp is first transferred to the heat conduction substrate, and the heat is transferred to the thin-walled cavity heat sink through the heat conduction substrate,

In the interior of the lamp shell, because of the thin-walled cavity type radiator, the air in the the low end to the high end air flow along the cavity under the heated state, and the heat in the cavity is brought out quickly,

At the same time, the outer surface of the radiator is in direct contact with the air, dissipate the heat; the wall of the radiator is thin and the heat is not easy to gather in the sheet.

Range of application:

Simple design, can meet the requirements of a variety of lamps, LED street lamps, LED tunnel lights, lights and so on.

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