Precautions for choosing tunnel lights

led tunnel light

How to choose LED Tunnel Light

1. Energy saving: LED tunnel lamp energy saving is one of the reference standards, the number of power consumed per unit area is the main evaluation index.

2. safety: especially high-speed subway tunnels, super-high speed will require that the tunnel has sufficient mechanical properties to withstand the corresponding.

3.Lighting effect: lighting effect is mainly brightness. Brightness is aimed at the visual effect of human eye. After determining the brightness, the illumination needed and the number and type of lamps can be converted according to the specific operating environment of the brightening lighting LED tunnel lamp. Second, the color index. Of course, lighting uniformity and glare are also very important indicators. tunnel lighting using tunnel light 4000 K color temperature better.

4.Certification: Check LED tunnel lights for labels, certificates, and certification.

5.Heat dissipation requirements: scientific heat dissipation design and high-quality radiator equipment are important factors to prolong the life and output of bright lighting LED tunnel lamp.

6.Chip, power supply requirements: high-quality chip can ensure the quality of light source, prevent light in the lighting process flash or glare and other power supply can ensure the stability of the current.

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