How to Install Street Lights ?

led street lighting

How to Install Street Lamps ?

1. poles.
2. high pressure sodium lamp.
3. power cord

1.First select the location. Easy to install lampposts, preferably not in water and wet places. The purpose is to stabilize the lamppost. Use of underground power lines.

2.The selection of lampposts. The pole is convenient but the price is high. The wooden pole is not water resistant and does not last long. So the use of cement poles around the family is more affordable.

3.The selection of lamps and lanterns. This is selected according to the need, to light on the choice of high power, general street lights to have good waterproof performance.

4.The color of light is chosen. This is also used according to personal interests, such as winter street lamp color the best orange, this gives a warm feeling. Summer is best white, giving the feeling is bright and quiet. For this I install two lights of different colors.

5.The choice of light source. Street lamp light source, such as LED lamp, energy-saving lamp, mercury lamp, high sodium lamp, metal halide lamp and so on. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. In the home street lamp light source choice high sodium lamp and metal halide lamp is better. Because there are crops around my house, high sodium lamp and metal halide lamp, these two light insects.

6.Does not attract insects.Installation of wires. For beauty, use underground wiring. Use 6 square 4 wires of good quality and wear them in waterproof nylon tubes. The switch is of high power.

1. budget funds. Select a reasonable implementation plan.
2. the lamppost to be stable.
3. power cord should be absolutely safe.

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