What should Attention when Buying LED Street Light Housing ?

5 Factors Attention when Buying LED Street Light Housing

During this super similarities environments , one design lighting have 10000 suppliers, price from 10usd-100usd,

Do you also ever confused how can choose the right one with best price with best quality ?

Let we show you how do do it :

  1. Raw Material Choose,( use right good high quality Aluminum Ingot )

Most important should clearly if this housing are “ Recycle Aluminum “ How to Distinguish ??

“Good high quality Aluminum Ingot”     &      “Recycle Aluminum Ingot”

A.— Surface view, good ingot should be more Light color , no black spot ;

B.—- Checking Raw material report or SGS Report from your supplier;

  1. Shell Heatsink Design, ( with heat dissipation tendon, separate heatsink and driver box part),

This part according clients , some client more like without Tendon,  just will higher cost of housing

  1. With Heat Dissipation Tendon  &   Without heat dissipation tendon

2.Separate heatsink & driver box ( intergration cheap cost but not very good heat dissipation)

Separate design   &    whole intergrate

  1. Waterproot Part Design ( IP66 + IK09 )
  2. Wider water proof rubber ring design
  3. Waterpfoor joint design + rubber Pad
  4. Flow tank design — exhaust steam
    1. Powder Profess & Material Choose
    2. The powder must be dry, loose without any caking, Particle size is over 90% in the range of 25–40 μ m.
    3. Workers skills training, understand product coating requirments, with protect equirements and accordance with operating  standards.

    High High quality surface powder   &   easy to fall off


    1. Right Size to Right Power
    2. Too big size match small power —- will wasting much cost
    3. Too small size match big power——will easy broken of complete light

    How we choose right size to lighting wattage ?

    According testing & Scientific Data, 1kg die cast aluminum housing  best suit match 15w led lighting,

    50w——–4kg————–surface temperature 50-60degree

    100w—-5.7kgs————-surface temperature 50-60degree,

    200w—-11.7/12kg——–surface temperature 50-60degree. Etc…





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