How to do maintenance of street Light?

How should we do our daily maintained LED Street Lighting ?

The repair and maintenance of street lamps should first be equipped with professional personnel, but also according to the situation of street lamps on the road distribution, so as not to some sections of the management is ignored problems
High street lamps must be equipped with a lift platform, which allows operators to ensure a minimum height, in addition to the need for some tools。

3.Daily maintenance
Daily maintenance is to see if the night lights are not on, whether small things such as light bulbsneed to be replaced, whether there are traffic accidents on the road resulting in street lights damaged and so on sudden or need to be replaced problems。

4.Regular fixed-point
Regular inspection of the overall corrosion or damage of street lamps, so as to deal withas soon as possible so as not to cause unnecessary casualties, and underground cables, transformers and other inspections need to be more careful, these are easy to be ignored, so in the assignment of tasks should pay a little attention.

5.Pay special attention to the lamp with complex shape structure
Some street lamps are designed to be more beautiful, especially some complex shapes should be paid more attention to, in addition to the external repair and maintenance of the internal structure professionals also need to study to avoid damage in the repair.
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