LED Street Light PCB

led streetlight

What are LED Street Light PCB ,

Aluminum substrate for LED street lights is a kind of cooling aluminum material which is used in city street lamp, solar street lamp, tunnel street light,

LED street light PCB  be divided into ordinary heat conduction and high heat conduction type.


Small product volume, low hardware and assembly costs,

Low product operating temperature, prolong product service life,

High product power density and reliability

Heat diffusion is treated effectively in circuit design.

Heat dissipation technology,

LED street lamp heat dissipation technology, generally used for heat conduction plate, is a piece of 5 mm thick copper plate, in fact, is a uniform temperature plate, heat source uniform temperature off.

Application sites,

LED street lamp PCB is mainly used in urban expressway, trunk road, secondary trunk road, branch road, factory, school, garden, various residential areas, courtyard and other road lighting,

1. Garden Road Lighting
2. High-grade District Road Lighting
3. large parking lot lighting
4. Sports Stadium Lighting
5. school playground lighting