What Should Attention When Purchase LED Street Light

What Should Attention When Purchase LED Street Light ?

LED StreetLIght  choose are very important for your tender city projects, But what we should attention and care when you buy led street light ?  Shenzhen EKI Lighting Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a manufacture of led streetlight housing ,led street light ,

Let we share with you what should be attention when you choose a led street lighting :

1.If you want to choose the right led street lamp, first we need to consider the luminous efficiency of the street light,

led lighting technology is becoming more and more mature, high-power led light source can satisfy the luminous flux of street lamp.

2.Die casting led street light housing heatsink dissipation,

If the heat dissipation is not good, it will easily lead to high temperature in the lamp, thus reducing the life of the street lamp.

3. LED Streetlight Brand Chips choose;

LED street lamp manufacturer introduces chip is the core of LED street lamp, example led street light brands, lumileds 3030, cree5050, brand chips,