LED Street Light Technical Standard

What are LED Street Light Technical Standards ?

LED street light is mainly divided into four main parts, LED street light lighting distribution, LED street light housing heat dissipation structure, LED street  light source, led street light power supplier.

1.Heat dissipation structure

At present, LED street light housing the heat dissipation structure on the market is mainly integrated heat dissipation, good consistency, low heat resistance, fast heat dissipation, radiator direct contact with air, heat energy emitted in time, die casting led aluminum led street light housing,

2.LED Street Light Lighting Distribution

Traditional street lights are use symmetrical light distribution, such light can not better illuminate the road surface, resulting in a waste of light sources,
led street lights adopts multi-angle eccentric light distribution, which can better illuminate more light on the road surface and achieve the best lighting function,  Shenzhen EKI LED Street light housing manufacture , OEM/ODM Street light housing design;

And currently mostly Die casting street light housing match the tempering glass with high 90% lighting transmittance.

3.LED Power Supplier,

The drive is to turn AC into a stable low voltage DC device,
LED street lamp power supply can provide continuous and stable low voltage DC current for LED light source, power factor 0.95 is good quality power supply.

4. LED Street light brand chips,

led street light source is very important for LED street lamps,
LED street light index of lamp beads is usually: color temperature, light efficiency,

Streetlight color temperature,

Color temperature conventional 2700 k-7000k, divided into warm white, straight white, cold white,
Mainly different from in the use of places, such as the southern region with white, cold white,
North area is suitable for warm white, because warm white belongs to yellow light series, strong penetration.

Street light efficiency,

Now led street lamp technology is quite mature, the whole lamp light efficiency can generally achieve 120 LM/W, good can achieve 150 lm/w

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